Skin peels

Chemical peels are treatments which remove the upper dead layers of the skin to reveal the new radiant skin underneath.  They can restore a more youthful appearance softening fine lines, evening out skin tone and correcting uneven pigmentation.   They are useful for sun damaged, acne scarred or blotchy skin and are able to stimulate new skin growth.

It involves the application of an acid solution to the surface of the skin to remove the upper layers.  There are three main categories of peels; superficial, medium and deep peels.  Normal side effects include redness, slight stinging and increased sensitivity to sunlight which are all usually temporary and can be concealed with make-up.

Superficial peels

These normally use glycolic acid (other acids may also be used) to remove only the outer layers of skin.  They are often referred to as lunch-time peels as they have very few side effects.  The benefits can last up to six weeks after each peel but a course of six peels (one every two weeks) is recommended for the optimum results and they are best combined with a specific skincare routine commenced prior to the peels.  Treatment takes around fifteen minutes and the skin may become red, dry or flaky for a couple of days after treatment.  We offer superficial peels from leading brands including Jan Marini and Obagi.

Medium peels

We offer medium depth peels using TCA (tricloracetic acid) including the Obagi Blue peel. There is some downtime with these peels including red, dry and flaky skin for around 5 days.

Deep peels

We are happy to refer if a deep peel is the most suitable treatment for you.  The deeper the peel the more dramatic the results but the greater the number of side effects and you will require some time out of the public eye.

Glycolic facials

Mild glycolic facials leave the skin soft and bright not red and flaky.  They are an ideal alternative or introductory treatment to those patients who are a little apprehensive about a skin peel.